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Getting your finances in shape


Finance Lab


Our focus for this project was to produce a wide range of advertising campaigns for the Leicester-based finance company, and more recently to develop sub-brands for the new stems of their business.

Shaping up nicely

The brief for the sub-brands was to design something that fitted in with the brand’s current identity so the new could co-exist with the old. The thought process behind the sub-brands was the use of simple shapes based on the original logo, a speech bubble made up of a rectangle and triangle. We used these shapes together in different ways to form recognisable shapes around a theme.


Applying the brand

All the promotional materials were designed by us – brochures, newspaper adverts, stationery and billboards - which was an interesting challenge because we had to think about how the design would fit and work across a wide range of collateral.

Out and about

A series of billboards designed by us were situated throughout Leicester with a range of bespoke and content-driven magazine adverts to accompany them.


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