A guide to working with a 50-foot fire-breathing Spider


After spending time working for event heavyweights and festival connoisseurs Arcadia Spectacular - mostly on branding and marketing - we thought we’d shed a little light and share a little knowledge on what it’s really like working with the world-famous Arcadia spider.


  • Keeps you warm on demand during the winter months - far more efficient than an electric heater.

  • Makes you look really cool in front of your friends.

  • Scares off other deadly spiders who quite frankly pale in comparison.

  • Has excellent taste in music.


  • Singes your eyebrows and never apologises.

  • Can’t fit into the pub for post-work drinks on a Friday.

  • Always hogs the limelight in social situations.

  • Has a short temper and won’t think twice about kidnapping a human, wrapping it up in a cocoon and turning it into a jellyfish.

WARNING: Approach 50-foot fire-breathing spiders with caution - no matter how good its taste in music is.

Photo: https://www.sarahginn.co.uk

Charley Hall